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Domestic Express Delivery/Courier services


MYSHIPEX Domestic Express offers reliable door to door solutions for time-critical packages to be delivered within a country or city. MYSHIPEX picks up and delivers your packages within agreed delivery times with the ability to track your shipments online at any time.

Same-Day Domestic

MYSHIPEX guarantees the fastest delivery on the same day of pick up.

Next–Day Domestic

Shipments are picked up and delivered next business day.

Deferred Domestic

For your important packages that need to be delivered within 3 to 5 days door to door.

Business Solutions

We offer a wide range of convenient services to suit your business needs.

Inter Branch Solutions

MYSHIPEX manages and delivers mail and Parcels between your branches on a regular basis that meets your requirements.

Mass Mail Solutions

MYSHIPEX distributes your ad hoc or regular mass mail, including your monthly invoices to your customers, marketing and promotional materials, and event invitations.

Financial Solutions

MYSHIPEX handles the secure distribution of Credit Cards to your customers, verifies identity, and obtains a proof of delivery and returns signed forms back to you.

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